VBS – Can you see it in it?


     A funny thing happened recently at First Baptist Church.  We had Vacation Bible School.  For some, it brings memories of fun activities, songs, and (of course) red koolaid and cookies.  For some, it brings moments of fear and trepidation – as they think about being in a room with a few dozen sugar-ladened kids.  For some, it brings warm, fuzzy thoughts because they’ve never really been involved, but they like seeing the pictures of it on the screens.

     Whatever your thoughts, I began to think of it in a new way this year.  As we saw our largest VBS since before “the storm,” as we saw kids accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior, as we saw many families come who had never darkened the doors of FBC, as we saw excitement building in kids & workers, a thought occurred to me.

     VBS is not just something the church does.  VBS is a picture of what the church is.  Follow me on this…

     There was a place for all ages.  There were babies being loved on – toddlers learning of God’s love – grade-schoolers realizing what Jesus did for them – teenagers sharing their enthusiasm for God – and adults of ALL ages teaching, helping, loving, supporting other workers…

     Isn’t that the church?  All ages and a place for all ages?  As part of a body – THE body – don’t we all have a function?

     During VBS we had rolls for all: musicians, Bible teachers, athletes, crafty folks, number crunchers, friendly people, you name it.  You had to want to not help to find a reason not to help.

     And isn’t that the church? God has gifted us all to serve all in some way.  The only reason you wouldn’t serve God and others is because you chose to not serve God and others.

     And there was a reason for it all.  It wasn’t so we could be good Baptists or boast with our numbers.  It was because we want kids (and ultimately families) to understand and desire Jesus’ salvation – and to then experience real life through Him.  So we used the creativity that God gave us, and with a lot of prayer we made the message understandable and (dare I say it?) fun.

     But shouldn’t that also be a picture of the church? Since the Creator gave His creatures creativity, shouldn’t we use that to make His work and His message understandable and (dare I say it?) fun?

     VBS is over at FBC, and some results are already noted.  Many loved it – good comments abounded – smiles were a default setting.  Families were drawn to God and His church – some for the first time – some after pulling away from Him for a while – some closer than before.  Lives were and still are being changed – some accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior – some getting priorities aligned.  That week-long picture of what the church is continues to bless the church.

     So… how are you going to help?  What are you going to do to bless God’s church?  Hasn’t He blessed you?

     Oh, and I almost forgot.  If anyone had dared to loiter – without purpose – without a job – they ran the risk of being drafted into service or of being run over by a steam-train of 5-year-olds.  So I’m giving fair warning.  In the BIG church, I don’t want you to feel left out or to get run over, so be ready to be drafted – or better yet, go ahead and get plugged in.

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