Let’s Get Real

I recently shared similar sentiments to my church family, but this is for ALL of us!

At the beginning of a typical year, you might expect me to write about resolutions, goals, or something to inspire. But – as we all well know – we had a MOST unusual year in 2020.

Perhaps it’s time to step back – and ponder.

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I Don’t Want a Fake Thanksgiving

You get to sleep in a little.  There are great parades on TV this morning (and we even know some people in them).  Some of the greatest football rivalries face off later.  The sales begin in a few hours.  Family is gathering.  And the food – oh, the food!

But is that really Thanksgiving?

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When Africa Pierced My Heart (Part 5)

First, for those who followed the previous entries – my apologies.  This final post was supposed to be published months ago, but it was saved instead of published.  Oops.  Here is the post…

2017-05-02 12.43.18While I was in Uganda, I had the blessing and opportunity to spend one day ministering in several mountain villages Continue reading

When Africa Pierced My Heart (Part 4)

What can an American pastor do for pastors who are serving faithfully in conditions that most of us cannot begin to imagine?  That was the question that plagued my heart in the weeks leading up to my trip to Uganda.

What I didn’t know (but should have) was that I probably got more out of my time with them than they did. Continue reading

By the Creator

monarchf          Summer is definitely upon us.  And that got me thinking about something I recently read about.

It isn’t uncommon to see butterflies migrating in late summer.  Some people get to see hundreds of them (at one time) clinging to tree limbs as they rest on their journey.

Some scientists reported finding 16 sites in central Mexico (ranging from 1-10 acres each) where millions and millions of monarch butterflies from North America spend the winter.  Continue reading

Too Busy Fishing?

Hudson-Taylor1            Hudson Taylor was a missionary to China for over 50 years.  Today he is seen as an incredibly effective soul-winner and church-planter.

One day he was traveling on a boat from Shanghai to Ningpo.  He had been witnessing to a man named Peter who rejected the Gospel but was under deep conviction.  In the course of events, Peter fell overboard, but no one made any effort to save him.  Taylor sprang to the mast, let down the sail, and jumped overboard in hopes of finding his friend.  But no one on board joined Taylor in his frantic search.

Taylor saw a fishing boat nearby and yelled to them to help, but they wouldn’t do it without money.  Finally, after bartering for every penny that Taylor had, the fishermen stopped their fishing and began to look for Peter.  Continue reading