Mississippi has the opportunity to vote for life or death

Amendments 26

I’m sure that you have heard about it, but what have you heard?

For those who have not actually seen what the wording is (that Mississippians have the opportunity to vote for or against), it is this:

“Should the term ‘person’ be defined to include every human being from the moment of fertilization, cloning, or the equivalent thereof?  __ Yes __ No”

That’s it – in its entirety.

This amendments simply defines that a person is a person from the moment life begins.  And, yes, that would make intentional abortion illegal.

But Planned Parenthood has done everything they can to try to tell people that the amendment would be devastating.  Whatever you have heard from them, you can be assured that it is a lie (or, at the least, a twisted truth) – even if you hear it from a group called Mississippians for Healthy Families (which is actually Mississippi’s branch of Planned Parenthood).

Apparently, they realize that the majority of Americans (and especially Mississippians) do not believe that killing babies in the womb is acceptable, and that scares them (since they have become the largest abortion group in America – killing well over 300,000 babies a year in the U.S.A.).  So, rather than trying to convince everyone that we need to continue killing well over 1,000,000 babies every year, they have been telling Mississippians that this amendment will have some devastating side effects.  Let’s look at what they are pushing…

  • PP claims that contraceptives would be outlawed.  Lie.  The only “pill” that would be in question is RU486 (the pill that kills a baby after that life begins).  Behind the scenes, they actually admit that the birth control pills will still be available – just click this link to hear them admit it.
  • PP claims that in-vitro fertilization would have to end.  Lie.  The difference will be in what is done with the little lives that have been created that won’t be used.  Now, doctors can just “get rid” of the embryos that they don’t want – even though they are alive.  Perhaps they will start fertilizing the eggs of only the number they plan to use – wouldn’t that be nice?
  • PP claims that a woman who suffers a miscarriage will be criminally prosecuted.  Lie – and heartless.
  • PP claims that abortion would not be available for rape or incest.  This is true – and it is a passionate issue.  Life is life, regardless of the father.  And if the legislature sees fit to make an exception for this issue, that is their duty.  The number of abortions for rape/incest is less than one-tenth of one percent of all abortions.  Should there be no regulations, leading to over 999 innocent lives killed for 1 tragedy?
  • PP claims that abortion will be illegal even if the mother’s life is at stake.  Lie.  Though a doctor should look at the life of the mother and the child equally, his goal should be the safety of both.  If the mother’s life is truly at stake, Mississippi already has a law that would permit abortion to save the life of the mother.
  • PP claims that life-saving treatment (like cancer treatment) would not be possible for pregnant women.  Lie.  If a baby dies as a result of life-saving treatment, it is not a deliberate abortion; it is a terrible, unintended consequence.  Mississippi already has a law that protects doctors in accidental death situations.
  • PP claimed that Governor Haley Barbour wanted Mississippians to vote against the amendment.  Lie.  Gov. Barbour stated that he struggled with the issue but voted for it because it was the right thing.  Click this link to read ABC News’ article (an organization not necessarily known for its conservative values).
  • In addition, I have heard the argument that a life is not a life until it is a viable life.  In other words, they claim that a baby is not a person until he can live outside the mother’s womb.  That is a narrow view – 100 years ago, a baby born a few weeks before due-date had a slim chance of survival – over the years, as medical science has improved, babies have been kept alive earlier and earlier (now at 18-21 weeks old).  That’s wonderful!  But is the child not really a child until our level of medical care states?  If that were true, a baby born today at 24 weeks would not be considered a person 50 years ago.  That argument is silly and places a doctor’s skills ahead of the Creator of life.

I urge you to share this information and direct others to it – especially those who seem to have swallowed the lies about it.  This is an issue that cannot, should not be ignored.  We have the opportunity to save physical lives – how can we keep silent?

The Bible is clearly against abortion.  Babies are considered just as important whether inside or outside the womb.  Life is described as being a reality in the womb.  Murder of innocent life is condemned.  Even John the Baptist (while in his mother’s womb) is described as knowing he was in the presence of the Messiah and being joyful of it.

All of that is found in Scripture – and more.  And, no, the word “abortion” is not found – because that horror had not been invented, accepted, or readily available then.  But God has given us plenty of direction as to how we should view life (as He does).

Unlike the gossip or phone calls that cannot be verified, I urge you to investigate the claims.  In the state of Mississippi, thousands of babies lives are in the balance each year.  Below are some links you can visit.

Mississippi Center for Public Policy

Vote for Life – Yes on 26 website

Dr. John M. Perkins (American Civil Rights activist) explains why Amendment 26 is important to African-Americans

Christian Action Commission

There are more, many more, but I think you get the idea.  Vote Yes on Amendment 26.

4 thoughts on “Mississippi has the opportunity to vote for life or death

  1. Thank you Dr. Jay, I was glad to be able to link this to my facebook! I am shocked at how many of my Christian friends are being sawyed by all the lies!! I hope it will make a difference!

  2. Generally I do not read post on blogs, but I wish to say
    that this write-up very compelled me to try and do
    it! Your writing style has been surprised me. Thank you, quite nice article.

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