Wrestling with God?

For a number of weeks at First Baptist Church of Pascagoula, I have been preaching a series on the life of Jacob. (Really interesting – the man, not the sermons 😉 )

Anyway, lately we’ve been focused on the night Jacob wrestled with God. Have you ever wrestled with God? I have. For that matter, I sometimes think I’m doing it now.

* What do you do when you can almost taste God’s movement?
* What do you do when you can envision great (I mean really great) things on the horizon?
* How do you help others capture the vision – the excitement of what God could (and I have no doubt wants to) do?
* What do you do when you know God’s move is SO close, yet it seems that something is holding it back?
* How do you facilitate revival when most of those around you know it’s important but still aren’t experiencing it powerfully? (And, yes, I know it’s not man-made)
* How do you deal with the heart-aches and setbacks that inevitably come when God is moving?

Really – what would you say? Perhaps your insight could challenge or inspire another. (If you comment, I have to approve it – so no mean comments about my preaching 😉 )

One thing Jacob teaches us is that you can’t win until you surrender. I’m willing. Are you?

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