You Never Know What It Will Do

Enourage-Someone-Photo-583x465          H. T. Webster was a famous newspaper cartoonist.  He once did something to amuse himself, but he ended up discovering something.

He picked twenty of his friends and sent them congratulatory telegrams.  None of them had actually done anything outstanding for which they should be congratulated, but to each one he sent a one-word message, “Congratulations.”

He thought that was funny, until a few days later – when he received thank-you notes from every one of them – thanking him for his message – without even questioning why it had been sent.

The simple truth is that people all around us are beaten down, discouraged, hurting, wandering, and wondering.  They need hope – REAL hope – and we know Who that is.

I challenge you this week to encourage as many people as you can.  Look at it like it is a test – to see what might happen.  Ask God to show you who and how and then encourage them – and at the end of the week consider what you saw because of your encouragement.  I know you will be surprised, and I’m praying that it will lead each of us to make it a pattern (not just a test).

After all, God has already told us: “Therefore encourage one another and build each other up…” (1 Thessalonians 5:11)

You are loved!

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