You mean it wasn’t what I said?

Pastor2          OK, I’ll admit it.  Sometimes we “professional” ministers think a lot more of ourselves than we should.  We aren’t always as enlightening or inspiring or thought-provoking as we think we are.

Case in point – Alexander Maclaren was a well-known preacher in England in the 19th century.  He convinced a skeptic to come to church for four weeks while he was presenting the major beliefs of Christianity.  The skeptic listened intently each week, and at the end of the fourth week he asked to join the church saying that he had received Jesus Christ as his Savior.

Maclaren was so pleased with himself that he asked which of his sermons brought the man to this decision.  The skeptic replied, “Your sermons, sir, were helpful, but they were not what finally persuaded me.”

That puzzled the “great” preacher, so the man continued – telling him that after church one cold Sunday he helped an elderly lady on a slippery walk, and she looked into his face and said, “I wonder if you know my Savior, Jesus Christ.  He is everything in the world to me.  I would like you to know Him too.”

The skeptic said, “That remark sent me home, where on my knees I found Christ for myself.”

Don’t ever believe that you cannot make a difference in the lives of others.  God CAN use you.  And He will if you will let Him.  Introduce someone to Him today.

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