Catch the Wave

Do you want to see something amazing?  Check out the video below.  It’s about 1 ½ minutes long.  Here’s a description of what you’ll see…

Famed surfer Laird Hamilton is standing on his surfboard being pulled along by a jet ski.  At the right time (when he has gained enough speed), he lets go and begins to surf on his own.  And THEN the camera starts to pull back, and you realize that he is not on just any wave.  As the camera keeps pulling back, you realize he is just a speck on a 65-foot breaker (it’s enormous).  Laird rides down the wall of water as it rolls over him and crashes – giving him the ride of a lifetime.

The reason I want you to see it is because that is what life in the Kingdom of God should be like for you.  Like the wave, God’s Kingdom is on the move, and it’s enormous beyond our comprehension – and it’s there whether we’re ready to catch the wave or not.  Should you want to ride this wave, you soon learn that it travels so fast, you can’t do a thing on your own power.  Your paddling simply won’t do; like the jet ski, we need the Holy Spirit to tow us along to get up to speed. – but even when you catch it, you still don’t do the bulk of the work.  You are simply willing to ride the wave of what God is doing, exhilarated all the while by its awesome power.

This is the journey we began Sunday (and will continue for 40 days).  Join us Sunday mornings and Sunday evenings as we discover what being a Kingdom Person is – and how you can be one.  And don’t forget to get your copy of the devotional booklet we prepared to keep us focused on this in between Sundays.

God is moving.  Catch the wave…

This post was adapted from my biweekly newsletter article 6-19-13

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