Let’s Get Real

I recently shared similar sentiments to my church family, but this is for ALL of us!

At the beginning of a typical year, you might expect me to write about resolutions, goals, or something to inspire. But – as we all well know – we had a MOST unusual year in 2020.

Perhaps it’s time to step back – and ponder.

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Catch the Wave

Do you want to see something amazing?  Check out the video below.  It’s about 1 ½ minutes long.  Here’s a description of what you’ll see…

Famed surfer Laird Hamilton is standing on his surfboard being pulled along by a jet ski.  At the right time (when he has gained enough speed), he lets go and begins to surf on his own.  And THEN the camera starts to pull back, and you realize that he is not on just any wave.  As the camera keeps pulling back, Continue reading