Keep the Lamp Burning Brightly

lighthouses     I found J. Allen Blair’s insight (in Living Consistently) challenging.  He recalled a friend who visited a lighthouse and asked the keeper, “Are you not afraid to live here?”

     The keeper replied, “Not at all.  We never think of ourselves.”

     The surprised visitor said, “You never think of yourselves!  How is that?”

     The keeper said, “We know that we are perfectly safe and only think of having our lamps burning brightly and keeping the reflectors clear, that those in danger may be saved.”

     You know, we believers in Christ are safe in a house built on a rock that cannot be harmed by the wildest storms.  But many of our friends, neighbors, coworkers, fellow students, and family are struggling on the stormy seas.  We must not be selfish -but let our light shine brightly.

     Join us on Sunday evenings at 6 (in August & September) as we continue to learn how it IS possible (and not so hard) to Share Your Faithshare our hope with others.  We have already had a great time discovering how – and it’s only going to get better.  We are working through Evangelism Explosion’s “Share Your Faith Workshop.”

     You can do it!  And God expects no less.

2 thoughts on “Keep the Lamp Burning Brightly

  1. Hello Dr. Jay Cook, This is an old friend, Debbie Sawyer, wife of Bubba Sawyer, from your youth group days in Batesville, MS. I follow your commentaries and I’m blessed and strengthened by them. I pray for you often, that God himself would protect you and continue to empower you as his servant and spokesman. Both Bubba and I are proud of you. Keep the Faith!


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